Hello! I’m Francesco Paolo Gentile and I am a data scientist living in Finland and working at Lumoa. In 2020, I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis Modal adjectives and the Grammar of Non-local Modification in the department of linguistics at McGill University. In my linguistic work, I have explored a number of topics at the syntax/semantics/pragmatics interface such as modification and questions. These days I am mostly coding in Python and modelling language with probabilities.

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Older activities:

February 2020: Preprint of “Higher-order quantification and free choice in how many-questions” is now available.

December 2019: I defended my Ph.D. dissertation, Modal adjectives and the Grammar of Non-local Modification.

September 2019: I and Bernhard Schwarz presented at Sinn und Bedeutung 24 in Osnabrück. [handout]

June 2019: I and Bernhard Schwarz presented our new joint work on how many questions at the Workshop “Exhaustivity in Questions and Answers – Experimental and theoretical approaches” in Tübingen.


Other activities:

Winter term 2019: I taught the course Semantics 2. The course was an advanced undergrad introduction to semantic theory, with special focus on modification.

“When Formal Semantics Meets Deep Learning” (with Amelia Bruno and Emily Goodwin). Talk given at Semantics Group, McGill University, May 4th , 2018.

“Non-local modification of possible: a ‘tough’ analysis”. Talk given at TOM 11, University of Ottawa, March 17th, 2018.

“A uniqueness puzzle: how many-questions and non-distributive predication” (with Bernhard Schwarz). In Robert Truswell et al., eds., Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21. [paper]