I am a PhD candidate in the department of linguistics at McGill University. My main research field is semantics. In my work, I explore a number of topics at the syntax/semantics/pragmatics interface.

My research interests (non-exhaustively) include:

  • Adjectival modification
  • Questions
  • Informativity
  • Tense and aspect

Recent activity:

“When Formal Semantics Meets Deep Learning” (with Chris Bruno and Emily Goodwin). Talk given at Semantics Group, McGill University, May 4th , 2018.

“Non-local modification of possible: a ‘tough’ analysis”. Talk given at TOM 11, University of Ottawa, March 17th, 2018.

“A uniqueness puzzle: how many-questions and non-distributive predication” (with Bernhard Schwarz). In Robert Truswell, ed., Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21. [paper]